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Walls and Windows

Turn your head from that brick wall,
and turn your head to the windows barred,
for you can’t look past walls,
to see the promises on the other side.

The windows, though barred,
you can see right through.
The imagination escapes it,
wanders and runs loose.

The mind, it soars,
responds to the open,
turns traditional into unconventional,
and oppression to the freedom now impotent.

The bars that are our limits,
make us wish for strength to break;
and for courage to wander off,
into the mind’s dark recesses.

Is the view enough to make us want,
to make us fight for freedom of the mind?
Or is that sturdy brick wall enough,
to culture freedom inside?


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The Queen

Make way for the queen,
the queen who moves with such grace,
for a single push,
and you can be taken away.

She’s so majestic, so massive, so big,
She’s the one loved by all,
but her facade’s wearing thin.

I see through her,
and around her massive form.
But no one else does.
I wonder what’s wrong?

She’s got everyone playing along,
she’s the star of the show,
trying to join in the fun,
but I see through it all.

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At the Orphanage

The visitors have come and gone,
potential parents somehow shunned.
And the kids, we trample on each other.
Put on our best faces, hoping to win a mother.

They come to me,
look me up and down,
see a flaw,
and move on, side, and around.

For I have an error,
an ugly flaw,
and they want the beautiful,
the smart and the tall.

If they like the fair, I am the tan,
If they like the tan, I am the fair.
Never will I satisfy,
the expectations of those who offer their care so rare.

For I have an error,
an ugly flaw,
and they want the innocent,
the cutest of them all.

I can only hope that when those visitors come,
they will see through my face,
they will see through the frown.

But that’s an impossibility,
for people only see what they see,
not realizing potential,
not realizing what I can be.

For I have an error,
an ugly old flaw,
and they want the smiling,
the one who fakes it all.

Did my mama leave me because I was cursed,
because I was unwanted, because she was hurt?
Am I what the caretakers have called an “accident”,
left on the doorstep with an incurable dent?

Will there be a a couple who can see past the face,
who will find I have an inability to smile,
but can paint, write, and dance with grace?


For I have an error
a painfully ugly flaw,
and they want the perfect,
the impossible, the one who can crawl.

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Keeping Her in the Light

First there was darkness…

A seemingly typical young woman wakes up to find herself in the dark. She does not know how she got there; she does not know why she is there. She feels for a light switch, thinking the light will ease her tension—thinking the light will make things better.

Then there was light.

Death is only an instant. What she sees in the once white room is way past death itself. Realization sets in. The answers to the “how” and the “why” cease to be vague, and it is made clear that escape is out of the question. For a puzzling madman holds her captive, and only he can provide her with her freedom. Only he can grant it because only he has the key.

Now there is only a decision.

He will kill her only if she is able to prove the existence of a certain syndrome. In the meantime, he settles for torture. Escape is not possible, and there are only two different ways of ending this madman’s reign: Kill him or stay alive.

Staying alive requires tolerance to pain and despair. It asks of her a precise resistance to a syndrome–one she knows nothing about. If she doesn’t die, he doesn’t search for his next victim. If she doesn’t die, no one else has to.

Killing him vanquishes all hopes of freedom, for the key will die with him. Killing is just another form of murder. Murder will make her the one monster she swore she would never be: The same beast responsible for building a definite barrier on the line that divides past from present to possible future. One who has silenced her past forever.

Publisher: Eternal Press
Release Date: November 7

*get your copy either at Amazon or at

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