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Beautiful Words

Let’s go to the carnival,
let them think we’re crazy
(because we probably are),
and be the oldest ones on the carousel,
having the time of our coincidental lives,
without a care in the world
as we carry on with conversations
on caramel
and circuses,
and cardigans,
and crevices,
carried away
with clarity,
quite happily,
for the precise reason that we are cognizant
to how all this will be gone in the morning.
We’ll turn back to pumpkins, cadence gone,
when the sun starts rising,
never real.


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Your Right is My Left

Our will is one, yours and mine,
overlapping and reflecting, coinciding
on the same line,
the same shape,
the same form.
But we’re not the same. You and I,
we mirror one another, and the light between us
bounces back and forth, requiring distance,
and I shudder
at the thought of breaking the space
or of mending it too close.

Free against the stars, we exchanged
freedom for freedom,
thought for thought,
scar for scars, underneath
y con la luna llena. My freedom was yours,
and yours was mine,
until you broke the course, still silent,
of the promise no righteous act can repair.

And I have to remember:

(Individual notes of dissonant sounds together
create harmony, craftily planned and bound
by one who sees the whole. The picture
painted, tainted, stained for the dark
to reveal the light, an art of love and intelligence.
We are the music, we are the painting—
different mediums of the art.)

In sickness and in health.
In good times and in bad.
In joy and in sorrow.

For better and for worse.
All the days of my life.

Until death do us part.

Your freedom still being bound by mine
And mine by yours, permanent,
is no compensation of any kind
to an irreparable damage. And so
we still mirror one another, in separate glass worlds
where your left is my right, And the light between
father and mother, husband and wife,
no longer means anything.

*just a little Dante-related poem with its theme based on that of Canto V of the Paradiso


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